"Genies of the Mist"  Belly Dance Performance Troupe                                                                                   Photo by G.W. MacAskill


 Bernadette Dawson, Founder and Director and Choreographer of Belly Dance! Basics and Beyond  


All classes on hold until further notice   updated Nov 23/15

However you are invited to a Hafla! Help us fund raise and support programs that help women excape abusive living situations!


Explore the ancient rites of the oldest dance.....

Belly dance is a n exciting and low impact way to exercise, suitable for all body types, ages and for men as well as women.  It is the oldest form of dance known and it has, to quote Mesmera, "beauty and charisma because it is sensual and individually natural".

Belly dance is a great way to meet new friends, boost your self-esteem and relieve stress.

The orgins are as diverse as the dance itself--the Phoenicians, the Turks, the Egyptians, the North African Berbers, the Persian, and the Greeks and all the other countries in the area of northern Africa influenced the dance in their own particular cultural ways  But it was the gypsies, traveling through all these lands, who were a major influence of the dance. It has been passed down through families for thousands of generations.

Unfortunately, belly dance is still greatly misunderstood and we are please for the opportunities we have to educate the public to its holistic and artistic values.



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