Tired of the gym?  This is a fun and exciting way to exercsie.  We call it "exercise in disguise!"

Belly dance is an exciting and low impact way to exercise, suitlable for all body types, ages and sizes for men as well as women.  It is the oldest form of dance known. Belly dance is a great wasy to meet new friends, have fun with old friends and boost your body self-esteem and relieve stress.

Who can benefit from Belly Dance?  Everybody can benefit with the fact that you are moving, stretching and improving balance


-- with peer pressure to look a certain way, belly dance promotes a positvie, healthy body image and encourages self-confidence.  also, a great base for hip hop for the isolation movements of that dance.


-- with it's low impact,gentle movements, Belly Dance is beneficial for arthritis and some limited range of motion problems such as frozen shoulder, etc

So, Whatever your reason to dance, wear something comfortable, bring a positive attitude and a griend (or meet some new ones) and have a great time.

Your possiblilities are endless.....




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